Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Room Is On Fire And She's Fixing Her Hair...

So, the truth of the matter is that I'm a bit of a primper. I love nothing than more than papering myself. Whenever I do my make-up or hair or nails, or even when I'm just getting dressed, I find it so relaxing. But perhaps the best is doing my nails, it's just something about the repetitive-ness of it. I love it! I was doing them this morning and thought it might be fun to give you the lowdown on my favourites, the ones that really stand out when I open my polish drawer (okay, so I have a few bottles...). Here we go.

This shade above comes from Essie and is perhaps the very best fall nail colour. I pretty much wore this all winter last year. It's called 'Little Brown Dress' and is the perfect rich dark chocolate brown. I love it.

I am a sucker for the retro red polish and this is my favourite since I ran out of the Paul & Joe 'Vibrant Red' colour. This one is Essie 'Lollipop' and it's perfect for the summer when I wanna wear my red polka-dot bikini

I think of all the polishes I have in my drawer, I use this one the most. It's the perfect sheer nude colour for me. I love how light and sweet it is. It's from Top Shop and it's called 'Hide And Seek'.

The Top Shop polish really grew on me, the colours are quite varied and lovely. This is my favourite pink ever. It's the perfect sheer, sweet sugar pink. It's called 'Kiss And Tell'.

Okay, so this is my new current obsession. I bought the Urban Decay Summer Of Love kit last summer, I think and had a brief love affair with the 'Aquarius' colour. Last week, I rediscovered this kit at the back of the drawer and pulled it out. Now I am crazy about three of the colours and completely bummed that they're such small bottles. The three colours are; 'Woodstock' a neon candy pink that's so bright it's almost blinding, 'Magic Bus' a sweet almost neon orange, and my all time favourite and the one I'm currently wearing is 'Psychedelic Sister' which a perfect medium coral colour. I love it so much and am currently on the look out for a dupe that I can treasure forever. I've taken to using all three colours lately and it makes my nails look like a Joe Fresh ad. lol. 

Well, there you go. My current favourites. I love suggestions, if you guys have any for me. 

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