Saturday, September 1, 2012

Retail Therapy: Session 3 - Orla Kiely


Oh boy, okay so I got home the other day... Thursday as was and I decided to take a look see over at the Orla Kiely website... big mistake. They have just released their fall things online and I went a little mad. I find that I almost go into some sort of trence when shopping and I don't think anything but a bomb going off would be able to snap me out of it. Therefore I bought pretty much everything. lol. Okay, not everything but a lot. Below are the things that I bought and I figured that this pretty much counts as a shopping therapy session so... voila!

(To buy your very own, click colour names)

Item 1

What: Orla Kiely Wool Jersey Seamed Coat - Mustard
How Much: $739.00
Why? I love how retro looking it is. So cute with the mustard hue that happens to be one of my fall colours this year.

Item 2
What: Orla Kiely Boucle Jacket - Teal
How Much: $461.00
Why? Skirt suits are a must for any english teacher worth her weight. I love the cute retro cut of this one.

Item 3
What: Orla Kiely Boucle Skirt - Teal
How Much: $305.00
Why? I am one of the few people I've met who loves pencil skirts. With the matching jacket... adore.

Item 4
What: Orla Kiely Tumbling Hedgehog Print Jersey Bow Neck Dress - Black
How Much: $289.00
Why? This silhouette is so adorable and flattering. Add the adorable print and contrast colouring and it looks like heaven to me.

Item 5
What: Orla Kiely Fox Fairisle Flared Dress - Aubergine/Dusk Pink
How Much: $368.00
Why? I absolutely adore the print. How cute are those foxies? I know, I already bought this same dress in Black from Mod Cloth earlier but I just couldn't resist this colour.

Item 6
What: Orla Kiely Hidden Hedgehog Print Silk Crepe Placket Dress - Damson - Claret
How Much: $548.00
Why? This was the one I was most looking forward to getting when I first saw the collection. I adore the way it fits and the colours are incredible... I may have bought it in two colours... I'm a freak.

Item 7
What: Orla Kiely Oak Tree Wool Jacquard Pinafore Dress - Evergreen
How Much: $429.00
Why? Pinafore dresses are the staple of any serious fall wardrobe. They are so cute with a little blouse underneath. I like this one because it goes with the girl scout theme of my own designs.

Item 8
What: Orla Kiely Tumbling Hedgehog Print Jersey Shirt Dress - Black - Bracken
How Much: $250.00
Why? I love shirt dresses and the fact that this one is jersey makes it sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, with tights and a blazer... how cute. I bought it in brown too...

Item 9
What: Orla Kiely Simple Cotton Jersey Tie Detail Top - Aubergine/Toffee
How Much: $133.00
Why? The neckline and colours are so cute and when do I ever turn down stripes? Never.

Item 10
What: Orla Kiely Tumbling Hedgehog Print Jersey Shirt - Bracken
How Much: $179.00
Why? The collar is what sold me. So darn cute!

Item 11
What: Orla Kiely Silk Crepe Pleat Collar Blouse - Cream - Damson - Claret
How Much: $336.00
Why? Yes, I went a little crazy with this blouse but it'll go with everything and the collar is adorable.

Item 12
What: Orla Kiely Silk Crepe Neck Tie Blouse - Damson - Cream - Claret
How Much: $352.00 - $336.00
Why? I can't help it... when I see a really cute practical blouse like this I have to have it... in every single colour... lol.

Item 13
What: Orla Kiely Oak Tree Wool Jacquard Skirt - Evergreen
How Much: $391.00
Why? A good a-line skirt. Can you ever really go wrong with it? Nope.

Item 14
What: Orla Kiely Simple Cotton Jersey Skirt - Aubergine/Toffee
How Much: $145.00
Why? The stripes and the silhouette are perfect and the colours go with so much that I have.

Item 15
What: Orla Kiely Tonal Leather Holly Bag - Multi
How Much: $461.00
Why? I love the shape. I don't have any purses with this elegant shape. I love the bow too, it just kicks the cuteness up a notch or two.

Item 16
What: Orla Kiely Soft Leather Rosemary Bag - Plum
How Much: $586.00
Why? The colour... this is like the fall version of the Orla Kiely one I used this summer, the pink one...

Item 17
What: Orla Kiely Punched Wallflower Leather Burdock Bag - Cocoa
How Much: $618.00
Why? The shape is so professional looking and sleek but yet it's got girly flare to it as well.

Item 18
What: Orla Kiely Cute As A Fox Print Scarf - Multi
How Much: $148.00
Why? It's so retro. With the cute skirt suit and a lovely blouse. I adore it.

Well, there you go. As I said, I went a little crazy... and this is only the first half of the collection. I can't wait for the party dresses. So cute! Below are the looks yet to be released that I'll be purchasing as soon as they hit. Stay tuned after this post for an outfit post...

Cream and gold butterfly print party dress...

Sheer butterfly print blouse...

Sheer blouse and leather pinafore dress...

Fox print shirt dress...

Fox print trench coat...

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