Friday, August 16, 2013

The Joys Of Gift Giving (Marley's Birthday)

Hi there,

So, how's it going? I'm doing pretty good. I haven't had much chance to do any shopping so far this summer, I just haven't felt much like going into the city. Ben and I have been far too busy lounging and relaxing in the sun to bother, aside from an urgent mall trip to pick up a replacement for the I-phone I dropped into the ocean (bummer). I gotta say, the new I-phone five takes a little getting used to, it's a bit of an awkward shape after getting used to the other one. Anyway, I got a new phone and a new Kate Spade case to go along with it. I also picked up a couple last minute things for little Marley's birthday tomorrow. Below are a couple of the things I got her, I went for a bit of a Madeleine theme. I spoiled her this year... again! I also have a couple outfit posts for you, but I post them separately in a moment.

For Marley

Jacadi (Also in Red)

Gap Kids  (Also in Navy)

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