Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brand Love: Orla Kiely....

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So, I haven't really covered fall fashion season yet and what better way to start than with my all time favourite brand... Orla Kiely. I absolutely adored the show. I was a huge Moonrise Kingdom fan so when I took in the very Suzy Bishop-y looks that were milling around the safari camp set, I instantly fell in love. Berets have been my thing this fall and it looks as though I might just have to bring that through to the summer. The only thing that could have made the mini rhino print, lion appliqued and tonal giraffe print cooler is the corosponding fashion video that went along with it. I've always said that a good fashion brand knows that you're not just selling clothes, you're selling a lifestyle and when I say Orla Kiely's Liz Goldwyn directed 'Dear Diary' I swear I wanted to jump through my computer screen and be that little cutie. Oh to live in an Orla Kiely world!
Below I've posted the video for you to check out as well as a couple of my favourite looks from the runway (check out the rest of the looks here).

(Ps. two things... one, I'll be posting an outfit update after this... and two, keep an eye out for the adorable lion print bikini in the video below and know that I will be wearing it this summer.)

Can we talk about this tonal sheer floral button front dress for a moment? With my trustly Charlotte Olympia's and a minty cardi? Adorable.

I love the pink shirt under this navy gold-button front coat dress.

I have a feeling that this little pink number will be hanging in my closet in the hamptons this year.

I love, love, love this lion print! So freakin' sweet.

This little mini-rhino print dress is so great with it's beaded collar and cuffs. Perfect for summer parties.

Oh, the giraffe print... not to mention the colour is so amazing! Love it!

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