Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Retail Therapy: Session 8 - March 2015...

Oh my God...
Can anyone else believe how long it's been since I've posted? Since January... eeks.
I don't really have much of an excuse aside from just life. I'd say that blogging this fall/winter has been a bit of a bust all together.
Oh! I forgot. Sad news. About three weeks ago, my Nonnie, my mom's mom, died. She was old, just turned 85 but still. We all took it very hard. I went over to New York for a week to be with my family, my mom was really upset. She was a good woman and now she's gone. I'll miss her.
In other news, I've been shopping like a madwoman for spring. I've bought so much stuff it's a little embarrassing. Okay, well I guess that's not really news but...
I've put together a little look see at some of my favourite purchases from this week. I'm sure some of you have notice that Orla Kiely put up their first round of Spring arrivals. You'll notice most of what I bought this week was from them.
Alas, I have no outfit post for you. I'm afraid that you'll probably just have to hold out until spring break but hey, that's not that far from now. I'll of course be going to San Diego to see my brother and his family as always. I got to see him when I went home for the funeral but Vikki and the kids couldn't come so it's been a while since I've seen them. I can't wait to snuggle those little munchkins. You wouldn't believe how big Oscar is getting. It's crazy.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this retail therapy session. Look forward to more as I promise to try and fill the blog with something between now and spring break.

(Ps. did anyone else notice the new layout? It's a lot cleaner than usual. I'm trying to keep it simple this spring... good luck with that!)

(Click the colourways to get your own)

Item 1

What: Orla Kiely Coated Cotton Blend Neck Tie Dress - Black
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $567.00
Why: Every girl needs as many summer LBD's as possible and I love the white floral details. Plus the silhouette is so sexy. Paired with a great pair of sandals and a simple high-pony. Perfection. 

Item 2

What: Orla Kiely Wild Poppies Silk Twill Frill Tunic - Kingfisher
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $567.00
Why: I loved all the prints this season, this one is so much fun. Add the swishy silk fabric and the easy cut... I have a feeling I'll get some wear out of this one.

Item 3

What: Orla Kiely Scribble Sunflower Neck Tie Dress - Indigo
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $567.00
Why: Same cut as the black dress but this pattern... was by far my favourite of the season. It's so fresh and sexy yet retro... much like Orla as a brand. I can't wait to wear this everywhere with my kitty flats and a cardi.

Item 4

What: Orla Kiely Busy Bee Print Side Pleat Dress - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $472.00
Why: Okay so I've always been a sucker for things that have a bumblebee print and I love how easy this one is, and the unusual colour combo. Usually bee prints come in cream and yellow but this beautiful sky blue is such a breath of fresh air. Love the easy shape to this dress too. I'm going for a but more ease this season.

Item 5

What: Orla Kiely Slub Silk Shirt Dress - Sky - Citron
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $719.00
Why: I have about five different versions of this dress now. Ever since I bought the navy ottoman version a few years back, I've been in love. Again, it's so easy and simple yet absolutely flattering. I always love a good flared shirt dress. Plus the Yellow and Blue colours are stunning.

Item 6

What: Orla Kiely Flower Spot Jacquard Heart Cut Out Dress - Coral
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $567.00
Why: Oh my God the heart shaped cut out at the back is absolutely amazing. So cute! I'm also loving the apron style pockets and fresh Coral colour. I'm a total girl but I love Pink!

Item 7

What: Orla Kiely Flower Lace Stitch Dress - White - Black
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $492.00
Why: So easy and fresh. A good knit dress is always a worthwhile buy, especially light ones like these for the summer. Pair with my Charlotte Olympias and the matching cardi and I'll be perfect.

Item 8

What: Orla Kiely Slub Silk Tunic - Citron - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $662.00
Why: I just love the colours and this tunic shape is so breezy and summery. So many ways to wear these. 

Item 9

What: Paul & Joe Centurion Dress - Ciel
Where: Paul & Joe
How Much: $667.00
Why: I adore the flower applique fabric. I'm really into fresh light colours paired with white and have been heading more in that direction this season, I think this one is perfect.

Item 10

What: Bea & Dot Chalk Of The Town Dress - Kittens
Where: Modcloth
How Much:
Why: Okay, this was an impulse buy but look... Kittens with crowns. So cute! I'm a sucker for kitties.

Item 11

What: Michael Kors Crystal-Embroidered Floral Organza Dress - Optic White
Where: Holt Renfew
How Much: $7,995.00
Why: This dress was a bit expensive for an everyday buy, but I was strolling through Holts, saw it on a mannequin and fell so incredibly in love. I'm gonna wear this so much, I can already tell. It's so pretty.

Item 12

What: Orla Kiely Scribble Sunflower Shirt - Indigo
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: Again with the amazing print plus matching print separates are my favourite thing, the perfect alternative to dresses.

Item 13

What: Orla Kiely Plain Silk Blouse - Cream
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: You can never have too many cream coloured blouses. They're perfect because they're kind of season-less. I can see myself wearing this with shorts and sandals in the summer and a high waisted wool skirt, tights and oxfords in the fall.

Item 14

What: Orla Kiely Flower Lace Stitch Reversible Crop Top - White - Black
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $358.00
Why: I LOVE THIS! I love that you can wear it like a little cardigan or a top. It's perfect for wearing with high waisted skirts.

Item 15

What: Orla Kiely Bluebird & Blackbird Jersey T-Shirt - Blue - Black
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $131.00
Why: Okay, all I can think of when I look a this t-shirt is Paul McCartney and Wings' 'Bluebird'. So perfect.

Item 16

What: Orla Kiely Flower Jacquard Top - Navy - Pink
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $321.00
Why: Love little sweaters like these, so many possibilities. I also love the little puffed sleeves.

Item 17

What: Flower Spot Jacquard Top - Coral - Midnight
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $453.00
Why: Okay picture these little jacquard tops with the matching pants... or even the opposite colour pants. I always need things like these to wear to work.

Item 18

What: Kate Spade Linda Top - Cream
Where: Kate Spade
How Much: $228.00
Why: I just love this! With jeans and flats... such an easy spring weekend outfit.

Item 19

What: Oscar De La Renta Check Wool Top - Wedgewood
Where: Net-A-Porter
How Much: $2,361
Why: I know, it's a little pricey for what it is, but I'd already bought the matching shorts and couldn't resists. Matching separates... what can I say?

Item 20

What: Orla Kiely Busy Bee Print Trousers - Poppy - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: Again with the bee print. I love Orla Kiely pants. They're always so versatile. Plus I love printed pants.

Item 21

What: Orla Kiely Flower Spot Jacquard Trousers - Coral - Midnight
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: Again... matching separates. I think with the pink Clarks flats and matching top... sweetness.

Item 22

What: Chloe Heavy Lace Patch Pocket Shorts - Milk
Where: Chloe (in-store)
How Much: $995.00
Why: I love. I fell instantly in love. I always need white shorts.

Item 23

What: Orla Kiely Busy Bee Print Skirt - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $339.00
Why: I think the cut of this skirt is incredibly sexy. With a simple cami and flats. Fresh yet retro.

Item 24

What: Orla Kiely Flower Spot Jacquard Skirt - Midnight - Coral
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: Matching skirt.

Item 25

What: Orla Kiely Scribble Sunflower Gathered Skirt - Indigo - Evergreen
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $396.00
Why: I love this. I love the way it was styled in the lookbook, which is why I also bought the green version even though it's not really my colour. I'm totally gonna wear it with the little pink sweater.

Item 26

What: Orla Kiely Slub Silk Gathered Skirt - Sky - Citron
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $472.00
Why: Midi skirts have never been very flattering on me but for some reason I always love Orla's... maybe I'm just biased. But this skirt with the bluebird t-shirt? Lovely.

Item 27

What: Orla Kiely Flower Jacquard Cardigan - Pink - Navy
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: A good thing to have. Even if I have about a billion cardigans.

Item 28

What: Orla Kiely Reversible Pointelle Cardigan - Pink - Mint - Lemon
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $377.00
Why: This colour combo makes me think of strawberry lemonade. I love pretty little cardigans like these.

Item 29

What: Orla Kiely Flower Lace Stitch Cardigan - White - Black
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $434.00
Why: You can never have too many white cardigans. You can wear them with almost anything plus, they don't always last long if you're a bit of a klutz like some people...

Item 30

What: Orla Kiely Wild Poppies Cardigan - White
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $415.00
Why: I love Orla's silk back cardigans. I like to wear them with the matching separates or dresses. I like matching things okay!

Item 31

What: Orla Kiely Flower Spot Jacquard Jacket - Coral - Midnight
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $567.00
Why: Ahh a peplum! So adorable.

Item 32

What: Orla Kiely Applique Flower Tote Bag - Multi
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $510.00
Why: This flower tote is such a little sweetie. I love that the reverse side is differently coloured... gives you more options.

Item 33

What: Orla Kiely Sixties Stem Punched Leather Margot Bag - Pink
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $738.00
Why: Shockingly enough, I'm very picky about pink purses. I'm always on the lookout for good ones, usually they're waaay too girly and prissy but this one is perfect.

Item 34

What: Orla Kiely Textured Leather Ivy Backpack - Lemon
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $662.00
Why: Every summer, I tell myself 'you must wear more yellow' and every year... I don't. However it's become sort of an jerk reaction to buy cute yellow things... maybe this year...

Item 35

What: Orla Kiely Textured Leather Sweet Pea Bag - Lemon
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $339.00
Why: See above... plus it's soooo cute.

Item 36

What: Orla Kiely Embossed Stem Bethan Bag - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $662.00
Why: The shape of this bag reminds me a bit of the Orla Kiely Holly bag which is my all time favourite.

Item 37

What: Orla Kiely Textured Vinyl Scribble Sunflower Print Tillie Bag - Indigo
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $301.00
Why: Again with the print.

Item 38

What: Kate Spade Flights Of Fancy Balloon Bag - Antique White
Where: Kate Spade (in-store)
How Much: $398.00
Why: Okay, so a couple of months ago, when this style came out, I bought it online in pink and white, after falling in love with the balloon shape. Then when I was in New York, we went into the Kate Spade store and I saw this one. Someone had returned it. I quickly scooped it up and now plan on giving the original pink one to Ruby for her birthday.

Item 39

What: Orla Kiely X Clarks Bobbie Shoes - Light Blue
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $228.00
Why: I love these. When I first saw them at the show, I knew I had to have them. Light Blue shoes aren't easy to find.

Item 40

What: Orla Kiely X Clarks Barbara Shoes - Pink - Navy
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $209.00
Why: These are so cool. I love the chain t-strap and the different colour details. With those coral matching separates... sixties cool.

Item 41

What: Orla Kiely X Clarks Bibi Shoes - Pink - Yellow
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much: $228.00
Why: So pretty, they remind me slightly of the Chie Mihara white sandals I wore a lot a couple summers ago only in pretty pastel colours.

Item 42

What: Giamba Floral Print Fabric Covered Platform Sandals - Pink
Where: Giamba (via company)
How Much: $795.00
Why: I have become slightly obsessed with Giamba (Giambattista Valli's little sister company). I loved all the shoes from this season but these ones just captured my heart.

Item 43

What: Kate Spade Madison Ave. Collection Paillette Flower Hat - Fresh White
Where: Kate Spade
How Much: $448.00
Why: So sweet. I love bucket hats. Can never have too many.

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