Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy...

Hi again!

So summer is almost fully upon us and for me that means it's officially family time. After I spend this time with the girls in California, I'll send them home and fly back to Vancouver where my man and I will quietly celebrate my 25th birthday (holy macaroni, I'm getting really old) with a few friends, then on June 7th Ben and I will fly to New York and be driven into the Hamptons for the the weekend where my mother will have her now annual summer kick off party on June 9th which marks the celebration of four birthdays and at which Ben and I will perform as we have done for the last three years. My nephew Ozzy (Oscar actually), who will fly in with my brother a couple days before, will turn five on June 9th. My little sister Ruby will be eleven on June 10th. I will turn twenty-five on June 12th and Willa will be eighteen on June 16th. A month later, my mother will turn fourty-nine on July 19th. Once August comes around my niece Marley will turn three and my boyfriend will turn twenty-six. Fewf... that's my summer and all this will be spent while Ben and I loaf in the Hamptons.

Oh and June 21st my little sister Willa will graduate from Hunter College High School in New York... I'm taking this moment to brag a little so deal with it!... before going to Cambridge in the fall. She's worked her tiny little butt off for most of her life and look how far she's come. Anyway, sisterly brag session over. I'll be attending her graduation and once that's done my mom and dad will bring her and Ruby back to the Hamptons to begin summer vacation.

My parents have been summering in the Hamptons for as long as I can rightly remember. Our summer house there is so amazing and has certainly become a third home for me over the years. I can recall many a hot summer days lazing by the pool with Kae, drinking stolen coolers from the basement and laughing about stupid random things. Ben and I will be spending some alone time there until the whole family returns the last week of June. It'll be nice. This is only the third summer Ben has spent there and the only time he's ever spent the whole summer, usually going home early to spend some time with his family on their annual camping trip (something I've only been able to endure once. I hate camping!).

We'll stay in the Hamptons until the end of August when we'll return home. Sigh, it's already making me tired, thinking about all the hullabaloo and what not that usually ensues in the summer. But I am sorta looking forward to it. It always makes me feel like a kid again. Watching dad barbecue wearing that ridiculous hat my aunt Lily bought him when I was a kid, home movies outside on the screen my dad can never quite figure out how to get working and late night snacks with Kae by the beach. I look forward to getting myself a nice tan this year, however I know quite well that I'll be lobster red by the fourth of July. Damn my fair skin! Something that I always find weird about going to the summer house now that I'm older is that I no longer sleep in what dad used to call the Monkey Pit. My mom and aunt took the top floor of the house and turned it into a kids sanctuary with bunk beds and a little entertainment centre (which is waaay nicer now than it was in the 90's). Every year me, Kae and Willa would sleep up there and generally make a pretty huge mess of it by the time summer came to a close. Now, Kae and I both have our claims on two of the guest rooms, adult rooms. lol. It's weird being considered a grown up but I guess it would be awkward trying to fit me and Ben on one of the bunk beds. As the time nears, I'm gonna give a run down of the gifts I buy for my loved ones, I'll do what I've got so far in a following post, otherwise this post will be a mile long.

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