Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Joy Of Gift Giving Pt. 1 - Summer B-days...

So here are the things I've been buying up the last couple days for the people in my life. As usual, I'll leave Ben til the last moment because I'm quite certain that he is the hardest person in the world to buy for. At this point my family knows what to expect from me this time of year... clothes, clothes and more clothes. I can't help it! I always try to buy them other things but it never works out that way, so they started telling other people not to get anyone clothes, which is fine with me because few people have as great style as I do... it's simply the truth. So here we go, below is what I've collected so far and am having shipped to my mother in New York (except her gifts of course) so I don't have to bring them with me when I come.
Okay, so I stopped writing for a moment and got distracted by a sale on at Jacadi and can now officially say that the little kids are now done! I just have to get a couple more things for Willa and boom! Three down... four to go... Sigh! Here we go, we'll start with Ozzy because his birthday is first.


Little Ozzy is perhaps the cutest boy ever. He's got this beautiful latte coloured skin (his mom is native) and the most adorable little slightly fro like curls... well maybe more like Bob Dylan (my brother's hero) curls. He has my brother's eyes exactly, sometimes they look so much alike it's almost comical. Such a little sweetie and this striped, hooded number from Anais & I will be darling on him when Dad takes Kae and Ozzy out on the boat this summer which I'm sure will happen more than once. I'm of the opinion that every little boy should have a pair of Star Wars (AME) pyjamas... some never grow out of them, just ask Ben. lol.

I am a bit of a sucker for Seersucker... lol. Funny but so true. Ozzy will look like the perfect beach-tastic gentleman in these little Brooks Brothers bermudas. I adore tennis wear as day wear on little boys, it's so sweet and fresh. Ozzy plays the part pretty perfectly if my memory serves. (shirt is Brooks Brothers).

I love Converse chucks on little kids, I think that they are so freakin' cute. A save the whales t-shirt from the Gap because he's just cool like that!

In the summer, my family is known to engage in a little tennis. My mother and I huddle down in front of the TV to watch the summer opens and grand slams, every year without fail. I figured what better than Ozzy all decked out and ready to serve in this Jacadi polo. So cute!

Gingham is a favourite around my house. When I first tried to explain the pattern to Ben, he thought it was such a funny word that he began calling everything cute, a gingham or ginghams example: "Aww look at Mysteri's little ginghams (cheeks)." lol. That's all I can think of when I see Gingham now and Ozzy most definitely has very adorable 'ginghams' so what better way to display them than in this little Jacadi short sleeve shirt?

Jacadi again, this little polo is perfect to wear with almost anything. 

I think little boys in skinny jeans is perhaps the funniest thing ever. Their legs are little pudgers and they look all silly. These ones here are Jacadi.

Nights by the cookout fire, watching Dad's old home movies just wouldn't be the same without a perfect sweater to keep warm with and this little Jacadi number is most certainly Hamptons' chic.

I love stripes on little boys, it makes them look so little boyish, innocent, I guess. I love the colours in this Jacadi polo. So fresh.

Again, with the seersucker and this time in red cargo style shorts. These Jacadi shorts made me giggle, trying to picture Ozzy in them.

I don't know why, but Ozzy reminds me of Curious George. He's got such a sweet little personality and always wants to know what everyone's doing. He's got this sweet little soft spoken voice, it's adorable. I think these two 'rugged' graphic tees are Junk Food via the Gap with be awesome on him. Orange and Brown look really good with his colouring. Aww... he makes my heart melt.

 I think it's hilarious when little boys wear tank tops, it makes them look all tough which is funny on Ozzy because he's too scared to even go near a fly, let alone hurt one. Captain America reminds me of my brother, he read the comics growing up. Both shirts are Junk Food via the Gap.

Every little boy loves Batman, without question. I guess it's something that the man upstairs dishes out before sending them down to earth, a love of Batman. This shirt is from Junk Food via the Gap. I love plaid and patchwork and this little Kapital K number will be perfect for the 4th of July.

I've always called Ozzy 'my most handsome prince' and when I saw this Oilily t-shirt, I was sold. I love plaid shorts, they scream summer to me and these Tea Collection shorts are sweet as pie.

Like I said before, stripes on little kids kill me and Ozzy look incredible in green, lucky little thing. This long sleeve shirt is from Tea Collection.

This Tea Collection safari shirt will be adorable with bermudas, the sleeves rolled and little Chuck Taylors. Perfectly nautical. 

There! Done! I know that he'll be pretty unimpressed with the clothes but he'll come to appreciate his aunt's impeccable style in time... okay so I got some Hot Wheels stuff as well... what can I say? I'm weak.


Marley is the sweetest like thing I've ever encountered. She's all small and chubby, her big brown eyes mirroring my brother's. She's got these wild chocolate curls like Ozzy and her personality is so big and fiery. That said, she's never cuter than when she's dolled up in florals and pastels. She's like a little angel... just a little devilish as well, I think she takes after her aunt a little too much. These cute little China Doll Shoes ballet flats are so cute and will be perfect for 4th of July. I just adore her in orange and the tone of this Elle cardigan, with the bow might just come close to the perfection of Marley herself.

The carnival coloured stripes of this Ismodern skirt made my heart melt a little bit. I can totally see Marley, with a little cardigan and bows in her hair, rushing towards the ferris wheel. So cute! These little Jacadi mary janes are perfect for summer, and the bow adds just the right amount of girlish-ness.

I swear, it was like 100% off at Jacadi, where I picked up this fuchsia smocked number. It's so pretty, I really wish that you could get kids clothes in adult sizes. 

These little Jacadi booties are so old school cute, I can see a floral dress, a sun hat and a big smile. Oh Marley, such a sweetie.

I have absolutely no control over myself when it comes to Liberty prints as you will find out as this post goes on... and on lol. The lovely purple roses on this little Jacadi dress is reminiscent of a dress I'm pretty sure I wore in the 90's.

Aww, poppies and Liberty prints. Love it! The colour of this Jacadi dress will be just darling on Mars Bar. (that's what I call her)

And they have it on the little Jacadi shorts as well, little bloomers. 

I love this Jacadi plaid number. It's red, it's pretty and it's perfect for summer barbecues. 

This little Jacadi polka-dot top is so sweet, it almost hurts. With little jean shorts and a red cardi... hello 4th of July!

Little pink angel, in this ruffled Jacadi dress. I can just picture it now.

These little Jacadi cropped pants are adorable with the sailor style buttons. Plus, they're seersucker and you know what a sucker I am for seersucker... lol that never gets old!

This striped Jacadi dress will be perfect for one of dad's sailing trips. With little boat shoes and a cardi. Sigh.

A little Jacadi blue striped smocked top. I wish I had one of these to wear this summer with jeans and jelly sandals.

These little Marie Claire saddle shoes remind me of those pictures of kids from the 50's. I'm pretty sure there's a picture of mom in a pair of shoes pretty damn similar. This little Oilily top broke my heart when I saw it. The floral is so sweet and fresh.

Could this Oilily floral print shift bubble dress be anymore perfect for garden parties? I think not... but if she isn't feeling particularly green, she can try this polka-dot sundress on for size instead, also from Oilily.

Oh my God! I didn't know Oilily made shoes but I'm damn glad they did and that Gilt Groupe had them on sale so cheap. These floral mary janes are so adorable.

Floral Oilily sundress, something every little girl with good style needs in her closet... Marley now has a few. She's one stylish little mamma. Perfectly preppy patent mary janes from Ralph Lauren.

Little pink summer shorts with a floral sash from Ralph Lauren.

This sailor style Ralph Lauren ruffled romper is so damn cute, I almost wanted to try and squeeze myself into it... lol that would be a sight!

I bought a pair of these Ralph Lauren boat shoes for Ozzy and Ruby last summer and now it's Marley's turn.

I'm sure mom will give Vikki tons of opportunity to put Marley in this floral Ralph Lauren dress this summer.

I love this slightly faded look of this Ralph Lauren tank. It's so vintage looking and pretty. It will go perfectly with Marley's beautiful porcelain skin.

This sundress from Ralph Lauren is adorable. I love it!

Awww, gingham on Marley's sweet little ginghams. lol

I love the lacy detail on this floral Ralph Lauren tank. It just screamed Marley's name to me.

Marley is ready for tennis season... are you?

Aww little ruffled Ralph Lauren polo shirt? Yes please.

Something about a baby in a halter top is so ridiculous that it's absolutely adorable. If anyone can pull this one from Ralph Lauren, it would be Marley.

Little coloured chinos. So freakin' cute! Ralph Lauren is awesome.

Classic Ralph Lauren shirt stripe on this little button up sundress. So cute.

There! Unlike Ozzy, Marley will be perfectly jazzed about the clothes. She loves getting all dolled up. She'll be sporting her silly smile all day.


Oh boy... I bought so much for Ruby this year, it's almost ridiculous. Mom's gonna have to get rid of half of her wardrobe just to make room. That's the great thing about buying little kids clothes, they grow so fast that she grows out of things in six months anyway, perfect timing for Christmas! Here's what I got the little stinker.

Ruby's personality is quite funny, she's really sweet but also really blunt at times, sometimes she says things that are like, really morbid. It's kinda funny. The family resemblance between her, Willa and I is really obvious. Same hair colour and skin tone, except Ruby has adorable little freckles. We have the same eyes and build. The only real difference between us are our lips. Mine are full, Willa's are fuller on top and Ruby's are thin like dad. She's gonna look mighty spunky in this Coupe Cutie striped sundress. Can I just say right now that Gilt Groupe is the most awesome website ever! I got that little bow detailed t-shirt at Jacadi.

I told you! 100,000% off at Jacadi, which is where I got this little eyelet dress and sweet ruffled butterfly tank top.

I adore this sundress, it's got little bows across the open back. I'm pretty sure I own a dress almost exactly like it. The little red cardigan will be perfect to go with her 4th of July dress.

This Liberty print just shouts Ruby to me. It's so silly and both the dress and the top will be adorable on her.

This is my favourite Liberty print ever! The little flowers are so sweet. I love the little bows and gathering on the dress. I got the last one in her size! Score! A little purple tank with the shorts and her black Chuck Taylors, awesome!

I just couldn't help myself. I love it when people wear a top and skirt in the same print, it's lovely. The romper... well, every little girl rocks a romper!

Speaking of rompers, this particular one, with it's smocking and bow tie straps, it just kept scream 'buy me, buy me!' so I did, it was the polite thing to do. *shrug*. Little puffed bloomer style jean shorts, too cute for words.

I adore the cherry print. It is so summery and sweet, with bows in her hair and white sandals she'll be retro darling. This is the dress I bought her for 4th of July. It's got kinda a fireworks print on it. So cute.

I told you I loved this print. So I got a dress and shorts. If she wore these little shorts with the top... OMG. 

Ruby could almost play on the circuit in this little polo, she's got a mean forehand for an almost eleven year old. This little striped tank has little cherries on the hip. It made me laugh.

Summer boating stroke of genius, is what I like to call this long sleeve top. With a bow at the neck and perfect red colour... pair it with rolled up skinnies, boat shoes and a straw hat, Ruby will be the queen of dad's boat. I bought her this little striped swimsuit because it was so nautically perfect, with the grommets at the top... awesome!

The 10.000.000% off Jacadi sale rears it's head once again... don't hurt me.

I love swiss dot fabric and this little Jacadi tank does it perfectly. I love gingham, add scallops and floral embroidery and I'm sold. This Oilily tank make me want cotton candy.

I adore the tins that the Oilily lip balm comes in, I got it for Ruby in blueberry flavour. Little Oilily floral smocked sundress, love it!

This Oilily bow neck multi stripe sailor t-shirt is so darn cute! I'm pretty sure that this Ralph Lauren cricket sweater is my favourite purchase of the summer and it isn't even for me... I wish!

These floral Ralph Lauren leggings have little bows at the ankle! So freakin' cute. The colours on this Ses Petites Mains shirt dress are so summer.

Okay, you're gonna laugh, but I honestly could not pick a colour. I must have made up and changed my mind at least five times before breaking down and getting both. Sigh... Ruby's gonna put me in the poor house. lol.

Finally, damn I got that kid the most, as always... so spoiled... lol just kidding. Last up we have what I've got for Willa so far. She's tougher than the rest because she's a lot pickier and her stuff is more expensive.


Willa loves wrap dresses like this one from Beyond Vintage. I love it because of the swiss dot fabric. It's look really good on her, she's so freakin' skinny. I guess I probably was too at eighteen. This lavender mirco pleated ERIN by Erin Fetherston dress is so fresh and pretty, feminine yet plain, just how Willa likes it.

I love this Juicy Couture dress so much, I almost bought it for myself but it's more Willa's style than mine. The colour of this Marni top is so pretty, and it's perfect for when she hits the campus.

This Marni skirt is adorable with the floral print and the ruffles. Confession... I bought a plain coral one for myself...
This Max & Cleo dress is perfect for summer parties and I know both Willa and mom with aprove.

I just loved the shape of this peach collared dress, with the little buttons. Add a cardi and some oxfords and hello college! Now, Willa doesn't usually wear grey but I loved this dress, with the polka-dots and ruffles. So adorable. Both dresses are from Mod Cloth.

I adore the scallops on this dress from Mod Cloth. Willa loves tanks like these, she's got so many of them.

So pretty and nymphet-ish. In this she'll look like she should be in A Mid Summer's Night Dream. Again with the adorable Oilily lip gloss tins, her's in melon.

This strapless floral dress is from Tulle and the little flowers are so pretty.

I'm not quite done her yet... plus I have to find her a graduation gift still, Gran will give her a watch as she did with me and Kae, mom and dad got her an apartment near Cambridge and Nonnie will give her pearl earrings (my favourite gift I've ever received). What to get the girl who has everything... I was considering a Mulberry bag, they're very collegiate... we'll see.

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