Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When The Stars Go Blue...

Hi guys,

Jeez, that last post was a mile long... sorry! I was working on it last night but got too tired to post it until today. Me and the girls just stopped off here in our room for a breather before heading out to dinner, I think they want to go back to the Rain Forest Cafe. Not that I blame them, it's pretty awesome. I always get the same thing, the Big Islander Chicken Caesar Salad and an order of their Cheese Sticks. Yummm... okay gotta finish posting fast before I try to eat the computer. We've had a long day at Disneyland's California Adventure park. Tomorrow, we're going down to Sea World for the day, Ruby wants to go to the zoo... we'll see. This below, is what I wore today.

Top: Nadinoo
Skirt: By Malene Birger
Shoes: Mulberry
Bag: Mulberry
Headband: Giant Dwarf
Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York
Necklace: Alex Monroe
Watch: Vintage (similar)

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