Friday, June 15, 2012

Believe In Me As I Believed In You Tonight....

Hi there.

So we're back in the Hamptons now, we returned yesterday night. Today, I've been taking it easy as Ben has been doing a bit of work locked up in dad's office with his little keyboards and such. I've decided that I'm gonna dedicate the rest of today to updating this here blog. After this post here, which features what I'm wearing today as well as letting you know what I'm making for dinner, I'm gonna post what I got for my birthday, my outdoor music playlist as well as my favourite looks from the Resort 2013 collections. Let's hope I can get them all done today. I'll try, but I probably wont post them for a couple days, as we're gonna be pretty busy what with Willa's Grad and everything. I promise to post when I get the time.
The funny thing about me is that when Ben and I first met, I could not cook to save my life. I never really had to considering my mom was an excellent cook and I'm not ashamed to say mom also hired help to do the cooking most of the time. That said, when Ben and I got together there was an incident involving an electric kettle sitting on top of his stove. In my defence, the kettle's hub fit over the burner perfectly and it looked like you were supposed to turn the burner on. Needless to say there were some flames and Ben became really handy with the fire extinguisher. Since then however, I've thrown my crazy dedicated work ethic into becoming a good cook. I think it's something I'm on my way to accomplishing. Tonight for dinner I am making us Parmesan Stuffed Chicken Breast, recipe from Martha Stewart. 
Below is what I'm currently wearing.

Top: Nadinoo
Cardigan: See By Chloe
Skirt: A|Wear
Shoes: ASOS (not shown)
Bag: The Literary Gift Company
Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York
Earrings: Majorca
Necklace: Alex Monroe
Brooch: Debra Moreland
Watch: Vintage (similar)
Ring: Alex Monroe

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