Monday, June 11, 2012

Retail Therapy: Session 2

Hi guys,

As you know, I like to shop. It's really a family trait and I totally blame my mother. This particular shopping session is because it's my birthday tomorrow and I love myself quite a bit so I like to kinda spoil myself. I know that probably sounds funny but what can I say?

Item 1:

What: Betsey Johnson Petit Fleur Sleeveless Flair Dress
Where: Betsey Johnson
How Much: $180.00
Why?: Liquidation sale at Betsey. Sad. I'll miss her. But! I did get this awesome dress real cheap.

Item 2:

What: Alice & Olivia Reese Flared Box Pleat Dress
Where: Saks Fifth Ave.
How Much: $532.00
Why?: I think it's really pretty and I love dresses with an exposed back. It shows off my tattoo well. It's on pre-order.

Item 3:

What: Kate Spade Broome Street Coloured Jeans

Where: Kate Spade
How Much: $198.00
Why?: I haven't rocked coloured skinnies since high school but I think perhaps I could rock them now.

 Item 4:

What: Kate Spade Silk Roxanne Dress
Where: Kate Spade
How Much: $448.00
Why?: I'm a little bit of a sucker for leopard print things, it's very rockabilly. 

Item 5:

What: Kate Spade Ruby Street Bow Monette
Where: Kate Spade
How Much: $268.00
Why?: I needed a gold clutch and this one with the bow on... darling!

Item 6:

What: Mulberry Heavy Suede Tassel Bag
Where: Mulberry
How Much: $1,280.00
Why?: I'm obsessed with Mulberry and this one is gonna look amazing with the clothes I'm making myself for fall. I love it, it's beautiful.

Item 7:

What: Mulberry Soft Matte Del Ray Bag
Where: Mulberry
How Much: $1,023.00
Why?: Again, this will go well with my fall look. 

Item 8:

What: Rochas Brocade Sweater
Where: Saks Fifth Ave.
How Much: $983.00
Why?: I really love this sweater, so I pre-ordered it. Yes it's a little pricy for a sweater but... I'm weak.

Alright. There you go. Ben is really pissed off right now. Poor Marty. The Devils worked so hard... oh well, if L.A. has to win I'd rather they do it at home so I don't have to watch the Devils' fans look so sad. I'll admit, I'm probably gonna cry when they show Marty lose. I'm a softie.

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