Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Gonna Take The Best, Lock It Up And Swallow The Key...

Hi guys,

Oh, what a day. Ben and I spent most of the day lounging by the pool, it was a little cold to actually swim but it was nice to spend the day outside in the sun. We drank a couple mojitos and listened to outdoor tunes (playlist coming). Then I went inside and did a little shopping... hey! It's my birthday tomorrow, do you honestly think I wouldn't spoil myself too? Yeah right. I'm gonna make a Retail Therapy post as soon as I'm done this one.
Once I'm done updating this, I'm gonna go make Ben and I some dinner. I have a delicious meal planned featuring Pioneer Woman's (love her) Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes, yummy Parmesan Cheese Bread which is in the oven as we speak and Frozen Fruit Salad for dessert with added strawberries, peaches and melon. Yuummm!
Below is what I'm wearing today. Stick around for my following posts.

Skirt: Milly
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Mulberry
Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York
Earrings: Majorca
Necklace: Alex Monroe
Watch: Vintage (similar)

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