Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Meadowlark Singing To You Each And Everyday...

Hi guys,

So I figured I'd start with a look at my fall collection... I've been slaving away over the sewing machine pretty much since the beginning of summer and can finally say that it's done... fewf. Keep in mind that this is just a peek and that I'll be revealing more as I wear it in the fall. Please, be respectful and don't steal as these designs were very grueling to create. Thanks.

Item: Agnes Dress
Colour Combo: French Navy/Deep Blue 1996
Features: This adorable light cotton dress features almost cap sleeve, a petal collar, pockets, a tear drop cutout at the neck and a tie belt at the waist. Zips at back.
Note: I have always loved the contrast of cotton and velvet together, I think it's so pretty and just fancy enough to wear everyday. I also made it in red. 

Item: Lake Dress
Colour Combo: Meadowlark/Deep Blue 1996
Features: This sweet dress features a faux button front, puffed short sleeves, a peter pan style collar, a thin contrast waist band and three layers of sweet cotton tiers. Zips at back.
Note: This is perhaps my favourite item from the collection. I'm gonna make use of this for resort as well. It's exactly my style.

Item: Lorelei Blouse
Colour Combo: Meadowlark/Heart Of Gold
Features: This blouse has a deep v-neck complete with a pointed origami collar, mid length sleeves, a thin button front placket and small gold buttons. Button front.
Note: I adore this blouse. I love this collar and use it many times throughout the collection.

Item: Berdie Shorts 
Colour Combo: Ragged Wood
Features: These sweet mini shorts feature a flattering waist band, slim pockets and end above mid thigh. Discreet zip at back.
Note: I adore these shorts and I'll be honest and say that I sorta ripped them off from Nadinoo only mind flare a little more at the leg. I've made them in quite a few different colours and patterns over the years.

Item: Maple Blouse
Colour Combo: Meadowlark
Features: This blouse features quarter length puffed sleeves, a thick peter pan collar and faux buttons at front. Single button back.
Note: I love the peter pan collar. I'm little obsessed.

Item: Faye Dress
Colour Combo: Deep Blue 1996
Features: This dress had thin sweet straps a low scoop front and back neckline, empire style waist and ruffle hem. Zip Back.
Note: I adore this dress. You can wear it so many ways. I also made it in red velvet.

Item: Orla Dress
Colour Combo: Heard Them Stirring/American Mouth
Features: This classy cotton dress features a triple petal collar, a gathered shoulder, long puffed sleeves, a sweetly pleated skirt, a tear drop key hole at top and a flattering thick waist band. Zip at back.
Note: This dress was bitch to sew but it actually turned out exactly the way I wanted it. I love how gathered it is at the bodice and skirt.

Item: Poppy Blouse
Colour Combo: American Mouth
Features: This blouse features long full puffed sleeves, a petal collar, and a slim front placket with small gold buttons. 
Note: I also made this in navy cotton and cream. It's extremely versatile.

Item: Holly Pinafore
Colour Combo: Heard Them Stirring
Features: This pinafore style skirt/dress features a super deep v-neck almost like suspenders, a faux button waist band and a full skirt. Zip at side.
Note: I love this. I also made it in the bird print and a navy wool.

Item: Sakura Dress
Colour Combo: Meadowlark/French Navy
Features: This adorable sailor style mini dress features short sleeve, a bow at the sailor collar neck, pin-tucked detailing, a drop waist and a pleated skirt. Zip at back.
Note: This is also one of my faves from the collection, I think that the bird print was an amazing choice for it.

Item: Wendy Dress
Colour Combo: Meadowlark/French Navy/Heart Of Gold
Features: This classic sleeveless dress features a v-neck, fitted waist, chevron stripe bodice and full striped skirt. Zip at back.
Note: As you've noticed, this is a classic design in my closet. I've made this dress so many times it's almost a little silly. I can make it in my sleep. lol. But it's a classic for a reason and I absolutely love this colour combo.

Okay, there you go... tell me what you think... good? Bad? let me know. Stay tuned for more to come from this collection in the fall as well as my next post on things I've bought recently for fall.

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