Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's A Long Road To Redemption And Babe You're At The Foot Of The Hill... Start Walking...

Hi all...

Excuse me while I hang my head in shame. lol.
Sigh. These last couple weeks have been really taxing. Between the heat, my family and a huge fight between Ben and I... I've been really uninspired and just way too out of sorts for this blog. Sorry.

As I'm sure most of you know, fighting with the one you love is not fun at all. Two weeks ago, I came to a pretty big decision about my life which I'll tell you more about at a later time, and Ben is quite shaken by it. I have faith that we'll work it out but it's really hard. That said however, I have no outfit post again today... hides... please don't throw things at me...
I've been pretty much living in denim shorts and tank tops for the last few days so there's not really much to show off anyway.
To make up for my lack of fun here on the blog, I am here by proclaiming this day 'Bea's blog day'.
That's right, Kae and Vik went with the rents to the water slides with the kids and Ben is hanging out with some of his friends in the city. So since I have the place to myself, I am chaining myself to the computer and will be turning out many things. A playlist, a look at my designs for fall (which are now finished), my latest shopping therapy session and a profile of my favourite men in entertainment. I know it seems a little ambitious but I have faith and once I'm finished I will do the Kermit happy dance. Stay tuned... you know you want to.

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