Saturday, August 4, 2012

I've Got One Magic Trick, I Disappear...

Hi there,

I just saw the cutest thing ever. Marley who will be three on the 17th and Ozzy, recently five, were eating oreos at the kitchen table. The cute thing about it, other than it being kids and cookies, was that Ozzy was eating the cream and handing the cookies to Marley who then ate them. The really funny part is that this is exactly was Kae and I used to do... and still occasionally partake in. Many a sunday morning was spent with us sitting on the couch watching cartoons and eating oreos in a factory line style. The cookie has always been my favourite part so I've never minded. Sometimes I wish that they had just the cookies to eat, I know they do sort of but it's not really the same.
Anyway, I'm about to steal that little miss and her auntie Ruby away for a nice little shopping spree before Ben, Kae and Ozzy meet up with us for a little zoo action. I can't tell you how amazing it is that Kae and Ben get along so well. At first I was totally worried about it, more then about whether or not mom and dad would like him. Thankfully, the pair bonded over a mutual love of Radiohead and became fast friends. Fewf!
There you go, that's my day planned. I'll be posting a new play list tonight... promise.

M. Ward
Post War
'Magic Trick'

Top: Jill By Jill Stuart
Shorts: Jill By Jill Stuart
Shoes: Pastelle
Bag: Cath Kidston
Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York
Earrings: Majorca
Necklace: Alex Monroe
Watch: Vintage (similar)

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