Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Retail Therapy: Session 4... Orla Kiely

Yes, I know that this post is overdue but Ben and I decided to watch The Great Gatsby last night and by the time it was over, I was so tired. I have to post this quickly as we are about to leave to go see the new Batman (okay, I actually didn't post till we got home...). I'll be honest, for as girly of a girl as I am... I love comic books and the movies that stem from them. Maybe it's because I grew up so close to my brother or perhaps it was Alex's influence as a teenager but I just love them.
Today at school was picture day and I had my first official teacher photo taken. It was pretty cool... well actually, it was a lot like being back in high school.
What I actually wanted to talk about is Orla Kiely and the wonder that is their line. The other day, I went on another little shopping spree over on their site and while googling them, noticed that their new Spring/Summer 13 lookbook has gone viral. So excited! Below is a look see at some of the things I bought and also my favourite looks from their new line. Which do you love?

(PS. Waaay down at the bottom, there may or may not be an outfit post as well)

(click colour names to get your very own!)

Item 1

What: Orla Kiely Heavy Wool Raglan Coat - Burgundy
How Much: $743.00
Why? I adore the style of this coat and it looks really warm.

Item 2

What: Orla Kiely Lace Macrame Dress - Aubergine
How Much: $445.00
Why? I love macrame, it reminds me of my nan. I just love how the macrame is just a little detail on a simple knit dress.

Item 3

What: Orla Kiely Shetland Wool Ribbed Dress - Slate
How Much: $383.00
Why? It's basically a knit pinafore. I love how it's sorta military yet girly.

Item 4

What: Orla Kiely Cute As A Fox Wool Crepe Fitted Dress - Aubergine
How Much: $492.00
Why? The fox print is amazing! I love it!

Item 5

What: Orla Kiely Hidden Hedgehog Print Silk Crepe Cowl Neck Dress - Lichen
How Much: $516.00
Why? This is gonna look amazing under the teal blazer I bought last time. I love the cute little silhouette with the pockets and the cowl. 

Item 6

What: Orla Kiely Heavy Wool Dress - Burgundy - Black
How Much: $508.00
Why? I love the pinafore style of this dress. With an adorable little blouse underneath and some sweet brogues... amazing!

Item 7

What: Orla Kiely Party Ottoman Leather Bow Belt Dress - Black
How Much: $539.00
Why? The perfect black party dress. I love the cut of the neckline and the sweet gold belt. You know me, a good bow belt makes me swoon.

Item 8

What: Orla Kiely Tiny Dragonfly Print Silk Organza Sleeveless Dress - Gold
How Much: $570.00
Why? Everything about this dress is perfect. The dragonfly print, a-line skirt and glitter collar... sigh.

Item 9

What: Orla Kiely Tiny Dragonfly Print Silk Organza Top - Gold
How Much: $554.00
Why? The simple silhouette and adorable glitter front is awesome.

Item 10

What: Orla Kiely Simple Cotton Jersey Long Sleeve Top - Navy/Grey - Aubergine/Toffee
How Much: $117.00
Why? Stripes and a peter pan collar? Sold! Plus, the other version I bought with the tie neck is so freakin' comfy.

Item 11

What: Orla Kiely Tiny Dragonfly Print Silk Organza Blouse - Gold - Midnight
How Much: $351.00
Why? Tiny dragonfly print? Ruffle details? A peter pan collar? La la la la la... I love Orla!

Item 12

What: Orla Kiely Simple Cotton Jersey Skirt - Navy/Grey
How Much: $148.00
Why? I already have this in the Aubergine/Toffee colour and it's so comfortable and sweet, I just couldn't help myself.

Item 13

What: Orla Kiely Heavy Wool Skirt - Burgundy - Black
How Much: $360.00
Why? The perfect wool a-line skirt for the fall/winter seasons. 

Item 14

What: Orla Kiely Sparkle Skirt - Midnight
How Much: $383.00
Why? So sparkly! So Sweet! I feel like the little girl in Despicable Me... "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" 

Item 15

What: Orla Kiely Shetland Wool Boyfriend Cardigan - Dark Olive
How Much: $461.00
Why? You can never have enough stylish cardigans... case and point... I have too many to count.

Item 16

What: Orla Kiely Leather Holly Bag - Claret - Gold - Indigo
How Much: $516.00 - $524.00
Why? As mentioned last time, the frame of this bag is so incredible, I now have it in every colour thank you very much.

Item 17

What: Orla Kiely Sparkle Leather Robin Bag - Gold
How Much: $508.00
Why? Just so perfect for parties. It's like the robin bag I bought in the summer only with a bow! And here I didn't think that bag could get any more perfect.

Her are my fave looks from Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 13...

I adore the tiny swimmer print on this sweet little which has almost a 1950's little school girl style to it. So cute.

The tiered skirt of the little blue and cream sundress is amazing. Add the sweet gold buttons and it's magic.

I love the little lace jacket. It's incredibly sweet and mixed with the sunset at sea print shorts... perfect!

This is such a classic Orla Kiely cut and I adore the 80's boomerang style print. It reminds me of the Barbies I had growing up, only much chicer. I also can't wait to get my hands on that handbag. The colour kills me.

The print on this scalloped collar dress is so lovely. Another slightly nautical theme in candy colours. I love everything about it, from the tie at the collar to the sweet belt.

Is this blue number not the perfect spring dress. I love the collar, the buttons, the waist tie and even the sweet little white stripe at the hem.

Oh Orla, they get me every time.

Finally, the outfit post... Yes, I'm a little obsessed.

Dress: Orla Kiely
Shoes: Toast
Bag: Mulberry
Headband: Jennifer Behr (similar)
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Majorca
Necklace: Alex Monroe
Rabbit Brooch: Hermes
Watch: Vintage (similar)

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