Friday, December 21, 2012

The Joy Of Gift Giving Pt. 2 - Christmas (Mom)...

See, I told you I'd get around to it. I've decided to post it in parts, otherwise it would be a mile long. I'm starting with my mother, who usually just has us make a donation to charity for her. This year, however, she has asked me to help her rebuild her closet while I'm there over the holidays and in the spirit of that, I've bought her a bunch of new things to put in her wardrobe. Bright pops of colour and sweet, womanly silhouettes. My mother oddly, for someone who loves to shop, isn't very good at shopping for herself. I find she buys clothes that make her seem way older than the 49 year old that she is. Don't fret though, we'll get it all sorted out while I'm there this week, starting with the items below.

(Click the links to get some of the items for yourself)

Starting with dresses is always a good way to go and my mother is a little phobic of them. These two however embody all the class and elegance that is my mother. The erratic and abstract floral print on the Erdem dress is perfectly sweet yet a little edgy. The lovely colour of this Lela Rose dress will look amazing on mom's colouring.

I absolutely adore the print on this beautiful teal Jonathan Saunders dress, throw on a pair of teal Prada's and a statement necklace and mom'll be ready to rock the town. I was a little unsure about this 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse at first but every time I saw it, I fell for it a little more and I can't wait to see how it'll look on her.

Mom looks really pretty in pink and this Acne t-shirt is a fabulous tone of it, not too rich but not too neon either. A good long sleeve t-shirt is something I feel every woman should have in her wardrobe and this particular one by Chinti And Parker will look darling with a skirt I bought for her.

As you will see, I tired to buy in outfits and tired to find tops that would go with many different things and the classic colours of these two t-shirts by Chinti And Parker (left) and Dagmar (right) are certainly staples.

I love t-shirt style silk tops, I think they're classy and casual and the colour of this Etro one is absolutely beautiful. Stripes are classic and go well with everything, I particularly love ones that have a little something extra, like this one by J. Crew.

Black and white polka-dot are a staple of any self respecting fashionista's wardrobe be them one or one-hundred and this pretty silk top by J. Crew fits the bill perfectly. Things the colour of this J. Crew v-neck are hard to pull off, however with mom's complexion, it'll be perfect.

I told myself when I went shopping that I would stay away from black but this James Perse long sleeve t-shirt looked so comfy and chic that I figured, if it was chic enough for the French fashion mavens, then who was I to complain? I believe every woman over the age of thirty deserves to own something that makes her feel like the most important woman in the world and Jason Wu is the designer for that, just ask Michelle Obama.

Again, pink. This time a classic staples with a modern twist by Jil Sander. A lovely purple power colour, splashed on a classic t-shirt by James Perse.

I think that canary yellow on an older woman is very bold and powerful, one might say striking and this lovely silk and linen tank by Kain is so perfect. A sheer slubby tank like this one by Kain paired with a beautiful jacquard skirt or tweed pants is the perfect mix of the youth and the wisdom.

These Kain t-shirts looked so comfortable and came in such beautiful colours that I couldn't say no, mom needs to have them. Who am I to say no?

I love the colour of this silk Kain tank top, it brings to mid a yummy summer snack, ice cream or a popsicle or something. Lanvin is the ultimate brand for French chic and a white silk top is something every woman should own.

Safari shirts are very touch and go for me but I think mom can pull this one from MiH off no problem with neutral pants and a pair of pretty pumps. A classic pleated georgette top like this one from Michael Kors goes with everything.

I adore the floral print of this Miu Miu blouse so much that... I might have bought one for myself as well... what? I was seduced, it's not my fault. I love the easiness of this top by Splendid, it evokes the feeling of summer to me and sometimes in the long winter months, a woman can use that feeling.

This cotton Splendid top is a lot like the last, only it comes in this lovely seafoam colour that'll go lovely with a skirt I bought for her. Stella McCartney is the older woman's God is you ask me.

With a pair of high waisted wide leg pants in a punchy colour, a gorgeous embellished cardigan and power shoes; this sexy yet clasy cami from Tibi will be amazing. Tucker always has the greatest prints, like this one.

I am crazy about the colours on this incredible Tucker blouse, they'll go perfectly with so many things it's not even funny. A punch of fuchsia is so bold and daring on an older woman and this silk top by Vince is the perfect shade.

I love these multi coloured tweed pencil skirts, they are totally something I'll be rocking when I get a bit older and this one by Erdem is perfect. No matter how old you get, nothing beats an a-line floral skirt, especially is it twirls like this Erdem number.

Such beautiful colours on this J. Crew skirt, I personally love the teal. A leather lemon coloured pencil skirt... we'll see, it might cause an argument but I think this J. Crew one will be awesome.

See? I told you I love this Jonathan Saunders print, these colours are even cooler, this skirt is the perfect mix of electric and classic. A beautiful brushed print a-line skirt by Lela Rose

This multi-tone green mini skirt from Michael Ven Der Ham is incredible and I don't think mom'll disagree either. I adore this Stella McCartney floral print pencil skirt so much that I bought myself the matching blazer... so cute... so weak.

My mom is a huge fan of the cropped trouser as you'll find out. I think she only has like two pairs of full length ones. The two pairs of cropped pants above are perfect, particularly the green ones by J. Crew... would it be weird if we owned the same pants? Probably... fine, the things I do for family! The red ones are from Cathrine Malandrino

Oh the prints, the prints, the prints. I went into a bit of print mania when I was at J. Crew, as you can see. I still can't decide which ones I like best. (Pink) (Blue)

The J. Crew print mania continued with this red and blue pair of cropped trousers. I think these Miu Miu houndstooth pants are awesome and will look incredible with that safari shirt.

Remember what I was saying about punchy wide leg pants? Bingo! From Oscar De La Renta. Punch cropped pants? Why not! From Tibi.

Last but not least, this upper-east side edge leather jacket in a sweet melon colour from Theory.

Stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas gift lists as well as a look at some of the outfits I put together for mom in a feature I plan on calling Flirty And Fifty... maybe not.

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