Sunday, December 9, 2012

You're Not A Teenager, So Don't Act Like One...

Hello friends... if I can still call you that...

I am so ashamed of my lack of presence here on the blog... and polyvore... and all the other social websites I've signed on for. Work has just been kicking my ass lately, for reals. Today however, I am taking the day to fully refresh my internet persona. Yesterday was so nice, I got to relax for the first time in weeks. Between house plans, wedding plans and work... time has been very limited. Today. I. Have. No. Appointments! As you can probably tell, I'm jazzed. If it makes you guys feel better, until yesterday, I didn't even have time to shop the latest Pre-Spring line from Orla Kiely which hit their web-store weeks ago. Shocking I know. So I thought, since I don't have an outfit post planned for today yet (and probably wont since I'm planning on staying pyjama clad all day), I am gonna chronicle the purchases that I made yesterday. I am also taking this opportunity to tell you all that my holiday vacation starts soon, thank God! I sorta, kinda hate Christmas holiday because I always go off with my family and Ben always goes off with his, but I get it. I'm not willing to sacrifice my time with my family either. Mom and Dad have insisted that we stay in New York this year, whereas we usually go abroad for Christmas. I'm cool with that, I love New York at Christmas. Willa is flying in from England and Kae and the kids are probably already there. Since I've been working I haven't been able to make my usual visits down to San Diego to see my brother and I miss him so much. I bet the kids look so different now... I'm making myself sad, so I'll stop right there. Below is my shopping adventures from yesterday and as soon as I'm done here, I'm gonna get to work on a Christmas gift list for you guys to see. I love you all! Thanks for your patience.

(Ps. Before I even start I will say, yes I am totally aware of my Orla Kiely obsession, I've just never found clothes that express who I am more than theirs. I should be banned from their store... no! I was kidding!)

Camera Obscura
Underachivers Please Try Harder

What: Orla Kiely Boat Pointelle Dress - Navy
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $409.00
Why: I simply adore the boats that are featured in this collection and this adorable little pointelle dress is a pefect example. I love the little collar and the easyness of the style.

What: Orla Kiely Around The World Print Silk Twill Sleeveless Dress - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $567.00
Why: It was the colour that attracted me the most. It's so beautiful. Besides when can I ever resist such an adorable collar?

What: Orla Kiely Little Galleon Print Cotton Poplin Shirt Dress - Daylight
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $466.00
Why: Such an easy, sweet dress. Perfect for lounging in the Hamptons this summer and chasing my neice and nephew around on spring break.

What: Orla Kiely Wool Blend Shirt Dress - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $537.00
Why: Ahh! Polka dots, sweet collar, beautiful color... I'm so totally sold, it's not even funny.

What: Orla Kiely Little Galleon Print Cotton Poplin Cut Out  Back Dress - Midnight
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $421.00
Why: I love the cut out at the back, much like the one they had out last summer but made even better by the tiny boat print. 

What: Orla Kiely Half Milano Dress - Straw 
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $399.00
Why: I love this! I bought it as a set becuase it was just too wonderful and sunny not too. 

What: Orla Kiely Half Milano Jacket Cardigan - Straw
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $377.00
Why: The sunshine yellow and the retro loop detail is perfect!

What: Orla Kiely Lurex Cardigan - Gold
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $282.00
Why: So cute! Perfect for going out. I love the bow detail.

What: Orla Kiely Boat Pointelle Cardigan - Navy
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $361.00
Why: I love it! With little shorts and boat shoes... so awesome!

What: Orla Kiely Solid Silk Crepe Long Sleeve Blouse - Cream
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $361.00
Why: Can you ever have too many shirts like this one? As a teacher... I say no.

What: Orla Kiely Around The World Print Silk Twill Skirt - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $409.00
Why: Oh the print, so pefectly fun and nautical. I love the button detail and the stripe at the hem. I'm gonna wear this skirt so bad, it's gonna wish it'd never been worn!

What: Orla Kiely Wool Blend Trousers - Sky
Where: Orla Kiely
How Much?: $345.00
Why: Every girl needs the perfect pair of cropped pants and these, with the polka dots and the colour is spring spectacular. 

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