Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Bigger My Toothy Grin Is, The Smaller My Troubles Grow...


So I was gonna wait until tomorrow to blog but then I couldn't sleep so here I am, I've got a couple things to share with you, I thought I'd share a few of my most favourite family pictures with you (of the ones that I have scanned) as well as today's outfit post... First though, pictures...

I took this picture of my brother Kaelen, I think he's about nineteen or twenty in this photo. I think it really captures him quite well.

This is my mom right after she had Kae, yeah, she was really young... twenty only... baby faces run in our family.

This is me and Nonnie (mom's mom) sleeping with a newborn me. This is one of my all time favourite photos ever.

Me and dad, at some amusement park or other. Take note that this is the only time I've ever seen my father wear a t-shirt... ever! I look like I'm having a pretty good time. (PS. This was me pre-braces)

This is me holding a brand new Willa. This was our very first meeting... I had convinced my mother to let me be in the room when she was born... I lasted about ten minutes before I had to leave the room, it was very scary. She's just a little thing and she always had her tongue sticking out like that as a baby.

Well, there you go... these are probably the only pictures of me you'll ever see so soak it in. Look below for today's outfit post...

What I'm Listening To:
Patience And Prudence

Top: Orla Kiely
Skirt: Orla Kiely
Cardigan: Orla Kiely
Shoes: Mulberry
Bag: Orla Kiely
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Majorica
Rabbit Brooch: Hermes
Dove Brooch: Hannah Whyman
Watch: Vintage (similar)
Engagement Ring: Vintage - Similar

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