Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Was Never Enough But I Can Try, I Can Try To Toughen Up...

Hi there everyone...

Sorry it's been such a long time but we've been recovering from the wedding here. That's right... I'm officially Bronte Oakland now. It's crazy.
The wedding was amazing though and everything went off without a single hitch. My family all flew in as did Ben's relatives from England. I had so much fun.
Currently I'm sitting in the semi sun out here in East Hampton. Ben and I decided that instead of taking a honeymoon, we'd just come out here for a little relaxation with the family. It's was really great, I didn't think I'd be able to get out of work this early but they were really nice and understanding, hiring a sub for the last couple weeks of school.
Tonight, My family is cooking me a wicked dinner as it's my twenty-sixth birthday... jeez twenty-six. I'm old. It's weird having my birthday so soon after the wedding, I all but forgot about it until we arrived in New York.
Anyway, tonight, I have no outfit post for you but there will be one tomorrow I promise. I also swear that I'll be back to my regular scheduled blogging this week, including the exciting new features I promised. Stay tuned... it's gonna be awesome!

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She & Him
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'Change Is Hard'

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