Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Other Surprising Events...

When we were kids, my best friend Maddie (who is back in France with Alex btw) used to have a saying. Whenever something bad happened to her, be it tripping (something she did a lot because she's a total klutz) or losing something (and an airhead), she used to say that she was experiencing 'Bad Transits' which I believe is an astrological thing because her mother used to be a hippy. Anyway, this past year it seems as though my entire family had been suffering from 'Bad Transits'. In case you were wondering, this post is an explanation as to why I haven't posted in almost a year (yikes!). It all started last June when my father had a massive heart attack... yeah, that was the scariest thing that I've ever gone through. He's better now, almost back to normal due to a huge lifestyle change at the insistence of my mother, but it was still really scary and sent us all into a tizzy as you can probably imagine.
Then, in September, my sister Willa (who had only been back at Cambridge for about a week) was in a car accident and broke an arm and a leg... second scariest event that I've ever experienced when I got the phone call from my mother. Once again, she's totally fine now and back at school.
Finally, the one that caused the most upheaval in our lives came at the end of October. This is a bit of a tricky one to blog about because it involves a lot of information that I'm not comfortable sharing but... my brother and his family experienced an event that rocked them to the core and left my amazing, beautiful brother a single parent. Needless to say this was a shock for everyone and the night I got his phone call, I hopped a plane the next morning for Montecito. I stayed for two weeks trying to help them get settled but... it was just really hard for them and for me seeing some of the people I love most in such pain and disarray. My husband and I discussed at length the possibility of us halving our time between Vancouver and California. We tried it for a month over the holidays but... well it was just too much. I've been down there since what with Ben being away for work, trying to help Kae settle into the changes. I actually just got back yesterday. When I left it seemed like things were a bit better. I'm going back at the end of March as usual but it seems really far away.
It's been a really crazy year. I've hardly had time to think. Re-reading this post it looks like it's been nothing but bad things but it hasn't. My sister Willa is doing extremely well at Cambridge and is super happy living with her new boyfriend Adam. Ben has been super in demand at work and loving every second (he's getting a pretty big head about it. LOL). My sister-in-law Jane and her husband are having a baby next month so, we'll soon have another nephew. My mother seems to have gotten past the terror of my father's heart attack and is back to her old self which fills me with relief.
Anyway... I just wanted to update you all on the 'haps. I hope this explains my lack of presence here on the blog. I'm not sure I'm ready be back for good but I've got a couple things that I'm working on right now and I'm hoping to get them all up soon. I'm working on a back-log of retail therapy sessions so... keep an eye out.

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