Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let The Rain Fall... Cats And Dogs...


So, today is Thanksgiving back home but for the first time in years, I'm missing it. I'm a bit bummed to be honest. Normally, I fly out to New York for Thanksgiving but ever since I got sick I've been more determined than ever to really take better care of myself and part of that is travelling less. I keep reminding myself that I'll be going out next month for Christmas and that it's not that far away but still, I hate missing time with everyone. In fact, the last few weeks I've been thinking more and more about moving back home or perhaps to California to be with my brother but I don't know... I love Vancouver, it's where I mostly grew up, it's where I went to University and got married. Plus, I think it'd be really hard on Ben to be far away from his own family, especially with baby Jack here now. It's really hard having everyone so scattered, what with Kae in California and Willa in England. I remember when I was a teenager and we were all together. I miss it. I'm trying to remind myself that things change as we all get older and it's not possible to be as close as were as kids but my family is the most important thing to me (Ben included obviously). It's really hard.
Sorry, I don't mean to be so melancholy, it tends to happen this time of year. I'll perk up closer to Christmas. Promise.

Yesterday, Ben and I went to see 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' and it was incredible. It was so fun to see the Warner Bro's sign come on with the Harry Potter music swelling in the background. Very nostalgic. I just loved everything about it. It was so funny and the style was awesome. I think Eddie Redmayne was absolutely perfect for that role. He just has this fundamental sweetness to his eyes that really sold me. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, even if you haven't seen Harry Potter before (that's crazy!). I don't feel like you need to have seen Harry to enjoy it. It was perfect.

Today, I worked and later I'll Skype with my family (it was a condition of my mother's if I were to miss Thanksgiving so obviously, I'm not the only one missing people). Tomorrow, I plan on having a full out Gilmore Girls marathon. I'm gonna order pizza and eat ice cream sundaes and just completely enjoy the revival of my favourite TV show. I've warned Ben that he's not gonna see me much. It's a hen party and he's not invited. Can't wait! Are you guys gonna watch it? Ben was like, "what if it sucks?" to which I reminded him that it's my all time favourite and that it would have to suck sooo ridiculously bad for it to be bad and even then I'd probably still love anyway. It's the Gilmore Girls!
I hope you're all either having a happy Thanksgiving or just a delightful day and I hope that delight carries through to the weekend.

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November 23rd 2016
Top: Orla Kiely / Skirt: Orla Kiely / Coat: Orla Kiely / Shoes: Miu Miu / Bag: Orla Kiely / Hat: Orla Kiely / Gloves: Kate Spade New York / Glasses: Karen Walker / Earrings: Satomi Kawakita / Brooch: Vintage / Engagement Ring: Vintage / Wedding Ring: Catbird / Lipstick: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

November 24th 2016
Top: Orla Kiely / Skirt: Orla Kiely / Jacket: Orla Kiely / Tights: Falke / Shoes: Miu Miu / Bag: Kate Spade New York / Hat: Orla Kiely / Glasses: Karen Walker / Earrings: Satomi Kawakita / Brooch: Vintage / Engagement Ring: Vintage / Wedding Ring: Catbird / Lipstick: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

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