Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Is Wherever I'm With You Pt. 2...


So this is part 2 of my apartment series. In this post, I'll talking about my bathroom. It's a pretty awesome little bathroom if I do say so myself. Once again, below is the blurry Comp Cam photo of the floor plan I drew of our apartment.

The Bathroom:

You can see that we have a walk-in/walk-through closet between the bathroom and the bedroom. I don't know why it goes into the bathroom, seems like an awful lot of doors but it is kinda handy when we have people over while I'm in the shower.

1. Behr Paint in Pink Punch
(This colour I chose because it matches the stripe in the towels... you'll see.)

2. Behr Paint in Ultra Pure White
(I painted polka-dots on the wall behind the sink and toilet.)

3. White Laminate Stick-On Flooring from Home Depot
(I thought about getting the Cath Kidston flooring but I thought it might be a little busy with everything else.)

4. Cath Kidston Wobble Stripe Oil Cloth Fabric
(The inside of out medicine cabinet was so gross that I took the mirror off the hinges, took the shelves out and lined it with the CK Oil Cloth. It actually looks really cute.)

1. Pottery Barn Newport Single Sink Console
(A friend of mine installed this for free for us. It's awesome.)

2. Cath Kidston Circle Ditsy Bath Hat in Blue
(It takes my hair a really long time to dry so when I don't need to wash my hair, I use this.)

3. Bon Bon Stripe Bath Sheets, Hand Towels and Face Cloths
(I love this stripe and the bath sheets are to die for. I love the big big towels you can wrap yourself up in. Sigh.)

4. Cath Kidston Spot Print Bath Mat in Duck Egg
(Heh, polka-dots.)

5. Cath Kidston Dot Bath Towels and Guest Towels in Duck Egg
(This matches the stripe in the Bon Bon towels perfectly. Oh Cath, you slay me.)

6. Ceramic Bird Soap Dish
(Mine's a little different and I got it at Anthropologie)

7. Cath Kidston Wild Flowers Mini Hand Cream Tubes
(I get really dry skin on my hands sometimes so I have to use a lot of moisturizer and this stuff smells so pretty.)

8. Cath Kidston Wild Flowers Guest Soap Collection
(It goes fast but you get lots of them and they smell so nice.)

9. Laduree Paris Candle in Orange Blossom
(These candles are the best smelling candles ever! They're so sweet.)

10. Laduree Paris Candle in Wild Strawberry
(This one is my favourite. Too bad it seems as though they've discontinued it. Sad Panda)

1. Paris Collage Shower Curtain from Wallmart
(I love it. It's so cute.)

2. Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner
(I've been using Aveda for so long. It smells so good, makes my hair all nice and lovely and the company is environmentally friendly. It's a win win.)

3. Philosophy Coconut Frosting Body Butter
(It smells so good. I don't know if it's the best but who cares. I love it.)

4. Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant in Original Clean
(Yeah... I sweat.)

5. Neutrogena Acne Prone Facial Cleansing Bar
(I've been using this since I was a teenager and I have very good skin. I swear by it. Tip: I use it on my back too.)

6. Dove Sea Butter Body Wash
(Yum! It smells so good I could almost eat it... I won't.)

7. Crest 3D White Toothpaste, Professional Effects Whitestripes, Mouthwash and Floss
(I didn't wear braces for two and a half years so I could neglect my teeth.)

8. Oral B Pro Vitality White Electric Toothbrush
(So clean.)

9. Benefit B-Right Skincare
  -It's Potent Eye Cream
  -Total Moisture Facial Cream
  -Triple Performing Facial Emulsion w/ SPF 15
  -Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
(I take care of my skin. It's important and makes me feel confidant. I swear by this stuff. It's awesome and smells like Cucumbers.)

Our walk-in closet has hardwood floors, much like the rest of the apartment and is pretty much stuffed with clothes... in a very orderly fashion. I have a chair in there that sometimes my man sits in while he watches me get ready to go out. He likes to watch me put on my make-up for some reason.

1. Designer's Guild Festival Chair
(It's so cute, very boudoir-ish but modern.)

2. Designer's Guild Petticoat Lane Fabric in Magenta
(The chair is covered in this fabric. I love the lanterns, they're so cute and the pretty colours are amazing.)

3. Designer's Guild Appia in Lilac
(The little buttons on the chair are in this fabric. I'd love to have a matching chair in this colour somewhere else someday.)

4. PBteen 16x16 Pillow Insert
(On the chair.)

5. Designer's Guild Dollhouse Fabric in Lavender
(The pillow is covered in this lovely window pattern. I love this. I love it in every colour too, but this matches the chair just too perfectly.)

Alright. That's it for this post. I hope you enjoy these. I know they're long but maybe they'll inspire you to renovate some things in your own place. Next up is the bedroom. Stay tuned.

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