Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Is Wherever I'm With You Pt. 1

Hey everyone,

Since it's still raining and there's not much else to do, I thought it might be fun to tell you a bit about my lovely home. I'm gonna do it one room at a time or this post would be a mile long. Below, is the floor plan of our apartment. My place is super messy at the moment so you're just gonna have to use your imaginations. (sorry it's a little blurry. Ben took the camera to work so I had to use the Webcam thing).

(heh the proportions are so off. lol. Oh well.)

Let's start with the kitchen.

1. Behr Paint in Monaco
(The colour I painted the inside and outside of the cupbords after I decided to take the doors off. I left the door on the one beneath the sink however, to hide the garbage and such.)

2. Behr Paint in Ultra Pure White
(The colour I painted the rest of the room)

1,3,4,5,6. Behr Paint Colours in Monaco, Red Hot, Hibiscus, Bicycle Yellow, and Garden Spot 
(I painted polka-dots in these colours on the wall next to the W/D closet, behind the dining table.)

7. Cath Kidston Wobble Stripe Cotton Duck Fabric
(I made little curtains to hang infront of the cupbords, but I left the ones with my dishes and such open.)

8. Cath Kidston Chicken Oil Cloth Fabric
(I lined the shelves in the cupbords with this fabric using super glue and tape.)

9. Shimrita Cupcake Door Knobs
(I put these on the drawers in the counters, one on the cupbord under the sink and on the W/D closet door.)

10. White Laminate Stick-On Flooring From Home Depot
(The original floor was this brown laminate from the 70's that was made to look like tiles. It was ugly.)

Above is the laminate I have on my counter tops. It's vintage Formica that my mom found in New York just after I moved in. I love it and it will be the thing I'll be saddest to leave if we ever move.

1. Big Chill Retro Microwave
(I just got this. It was a gift from my mother-in-law. It's Blue :D)

2, 3. Big Chill Retro Stove & Fridge
(My mother had appliances like these when we were kids. I always loved them. When we moved in, the appliances were so old and dirty but I suffered through them for a few months until the stove suddenly stopped working, so I thanked the Gods and ordered these. I thought about getting them in the Beach Blue colour but I thought with the paint I had going on, it might be a little much.)

1. Liatorp Dining Table from Ikea
(I love this table, it's so pretty and fresh and sorta vintage-ish. I flirted with the idea of getting a formica and chrome table but decided that it was say too expected.)

2. Ingolf Dining Chair from Ikea
(I had a Dickens of a time trying to find the right chairs, cause I kinda wanted upholstered chairs, but finally decided on these cause they're kinda country but still match the table.)

3. Cath Kidston Wobble Stripe Cotton Duck
(I made pillows that tie to the chairs made in this fabric to match the curtains on the cupbords.)

4. Stockerart Pitcher Vase from Ikea
(I love this vase, the french blue matches my kitchen perfectly. It looks so pretty sitting on the table with a bunch of Peonies (my favourite flowers) in it.)

5. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Butter Dish
(I love this pattern. Since the moment I first set eyes on it, I knew it was for me.)

6. Cath Kidston Chicken Salt & Pepper Shakers
(aww... so cute. I've named them George and Patsy.)

I also have a rug in the kitchen from PBteen but it's not on their site anymore.

1.Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Dinner Plates
(Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with CK homeware as you can see. I can't help it! It's all so pretty.)

2. Cath Kidston Dotty Dessert Plates
(This is the pattern that I painted the wall to match. I love it so much.)

3. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Side Plates

4. Cath Kidston Dotty Cereal Bowls

5. Cath Kidston Chicken & Chicken Stripe Tea Towels
(I love these, the chicken print makes my heart tingle a little.)

6. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Dessert Stand
(It looks so pretty with the pretty cupcakes I bake and macarons on it. Sigh.)

7. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Tea Pot
(I bought this and the cups and saucers in a set. I also have a CK chicken tea cosy to go over top.)

8. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Sugar Bowl

9. Cath Kidston Chicken Crush Mugs
(These are my mugs, I use them for tea or cocoa and that's it. No coffee goes in these mugs ever!)

10. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Crush Mugs
(These are the coffee mugs. I know that sounds really control freak-ish but I HATE the taste of coffee.)

11. Cath Kidston Chicken Double Oven Glove
(I really wanted the oven mits but they were sold out so I got this instead. It does the same thing.)

12. Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Tea Cups & Saucers
(Bought in set with tea pot.)

1. Cath Kidston Bleached Flowers Napkins
(I like that each one is a different colour.)

2. Cath Kidston Dotty Wine Glasses
(my sisters-in-law make fun of me 'cause my decorating is sorta little kid-ish. When I pour wine into my cutesy little polka-dot glasses.)

3. Cath Kidston Dotty Tumblers
(I just love this print!)

4. Cath Kidston 24 Piece Cutlery Set
(I really wanted the floral ones but decided that these ones matched better.)

Sheesh! There we go. I hope that gave you a clear picture of what our kitchen looks like. It also sorta gives you an idea of my decorating style. The rest of the apartment is a lot like this. I was worried Ben would hate how girly it is but honestly I don't think he's even realized that I changed anything. lol. Look out for the rest of my apartment posts to come.

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